• Data Centers
  • Schools
  • Warehouse + Industrial Facilities
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Liquor Section + Aisle Access
  • Breweries + Distilleries
  • Pharmacies

Your custom applications

  • Shrinkage + Loss Abatement
  • Employee Safety
  • Inventory Protection
  • Visible Security + Inspection
  • Anti-Theft Solutions
  • Storefront Access Control
  • Secure Storage

More than 160 years of loss prevention experience in an ever-changing world has earned us the reputation as a leading security solution provider.

​We continue to adapt to serve evolving technology and threats. Armed with our arsenal of effective physical security solutions including an impressive portfolio of 100% American-made products, we continue to be the leading loss prevention specialists in the industry. Whether a bulk-order for traditional steel folding gates or a limited production run of a one-off emergency fix for 200 locations, we bring those solutions to you with our extensive design and factory services. Contact us to determine how our expertise can benefit your business and save you thousands of dollars each year. 


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